Meet Elian Haan

Elian is a Bestseller & Award-Winning Author, TV show host of "Elian's Joy" and Motivational Speaker. Elian has spent most of her professional life in the fitness and wellness industry and is a Fowler International Life (CPC) and Master Trainer (CMT) with a yoga studio and private practice in Texas.

Specialized in executive midlife and transformation coaching & mentoring Elian supports her clients through existing challenges & obstacles in life and offers a healthy and balanced path forwards through innovative tools, proven techniques and individually designed exercises.

Known for her straightforward “Coach Approach”, Elian shares her life lessons with a good dose of joy, humor, and energy. She helps people "Get their Sexy Back & Get Better at Life", through in person & virtual private sessions, group coaching, workshops, webinars, exercise & fitness and speaking events.

After years of teaching, counseling and somatic work her expertise lies in Trauma Informed Care, yoga & Tai Chi, reiki & meditation, addiction recovery, work-life balance, grief & PTSD, and anxiety intervention.

My clients receive guidance and support when it comes to a physical health challenge or reset, mental clarity while letting go of barriers and limiting beliefs, and a spiritual outlook on life without fear and past pain, so they can find peace, and live the life of their dreams

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I'm available for speaking engagements internationally & virtual events. Please reach out anytime!

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