Unlock your full potential towards an outcome of personal and professional success and joy.

Let me help you get that ‘sexy’ back.

Who Are My Clients?

My client is looking to grow, mentally and spiritually, and is searching for the tools and coping skills to manage the stressors of daily life. I am in it for the outcome and believe that sharing is caring.

Specialized in executive transformation coaching & mentoring, Elian supports her clients through existing challenges & obstacles in life and offers a healthy and balanced path forwards with innovative tools, proven techniques and individually designed exercises. 

My ideal clients are in two ‘niches’, the male executive, leader, or entrepreneur who is looking to improve work-life balance, communication skills, relationships and in need of confidential consultation and ongoing personal growth, and the female client who is going through a midlife crisis and finds herself stuck, confronted with unresolved pain and unsure of a path or journey ahead.

That does not leave other clients out, but these clients define my niche, and love for what I do.

If this sounds like you or if you're interested to explore how we can work together, please feel free to schedule a call with me.

"Life is not getting easier, you just get better at it"

What's hot?

Elian has more than 40 years in the fitness, wellness & holistic healing industry. Her passion has always been helping people, and to create and share different ways assisting others become more aware of their own physical strength and their own healing abilities. Elian's methods are based on clear-cut and applicable fitness and functional movement as well as promoting a healthy, joyful, purposeful & mindful lifestyle for people of all ages.

Elian’s vision is to bring her innovative movement & lifestyle coaching programs to a national audience through her WinWinWomen TV show Elian’s Joy, national conventions, webinars & seminars, summits & speaking engagements, events & retreats, videos, podcasts and articles.

My Book

60 Miles From Neiman's

is Available on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Goodreads and more !

Are you curious about how to live a joyful life? Are you ready to take things less personally and deal with past trauma?

Then my book is for you! Filled with helpful tips and strategies, my autobiography is perfect for anyone seeking a more positive outcome in life.

I can't wait to share my book with you.


What People Say


Elian helped me to heal emotionally and physically, through yoga and through trauma therapy. While healing physically, I was healing emotionally as well. The body really does keep score of past traumas and through movement was able to work some of that out. Much love Elian!

Sarah W, Oklahoma City


Elian was an amazing inspirational and spiritual guide for me as a recovering alcoholic. Deeply insightful with an emphasis on the mind and body approach to healing. She introduced me to yoga as way to understand how my body connects to my spirit and meditation to unlock the mysteries on how I came to be substance dependent as well as a tool for immersive personal/spiritual growth. She helps open the doors but makes you do the work, which for any transformation to truly work you have to want it as she genuinely wants it for you. Upon meeting her you will definitely recognize that she does! I have the deepest gratitude for my time under her tutelage.

Richard C, Weatherford, TX

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